(PRE-ORDER) V-Light Hair Extension Kit

Discover the transformative V-Light Hair Extension Kit, a pioneering solution crafted to revolutionize your hair enhancement journey.

This kit is engineered for those who dream of stepping up their hair extension skills and professionals desiring efficiency, offering a swift, effective, and seamless method for adding volume and length to hair.

Key Features:

Advanced UV Light Technology: At its core, the V-Light Hair Extension Kit features the innovative V-Light Hair Extensions Machine, employing UV light at a 395-nanometre wavelength. This state-of-the-art technology is designed for safe scalp exposure and boasts a quick curing time, streamlining the extension process.

Complete Kit for Professionals: Equipped with all essentials for a premium hair extension application, the kit contains the V-Light Hair Extensions Machine, V-Light Glue, V-Light Applicator Brush, V-Light Hair Remover Machine, V-Light Bracelets, a Bottle of Glue Remover, and Adhesive Stickers.

Usage Precautions: The kit advises keeping the product away from heat and sunlight. It includes straightforward instructions to avoid eye, mouth, or nose contact, with recommendations for immediate medical assistance in case of accidental ingestion or discomfort.

Perfect for Aspiring Beauty Professionals:

This kit isn't just a product—it's an opportunity for career advancement within the beauty industry. It offers high-quality tools and supplies essential for excelling in professional hair extension services, aiding in career growth for students and professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing at this time will result in a pre-order and the kit will ship at the beginning of June.