(PRE-SALE) DARK BROWN V-Light Resin Adhesive - The Revolutionary Hair Extension Solution

Introducing the DARK BROWN V-Light resin adhesive, perfectly crafted for those with darker hair tones, this innovative adhesive stands out in the hair extension industry. Designed for use with the V-light hair extension machine, it ensures a flawless and long-lasting bond.

Designed for Darker Hair Tones
Ideal for dark brown hair, this adhesive blends effortlessly, maintaining the natural integrity and appearance of your hair extensions.

Rapid Curing Time
Experience the future of hair extension application with our V-Light adhesive, which cures in just 5-7 seconds. This quick, efficient process saves time, allowing for swift, easy installations without sacrificing quality.

Comfort and Easy Removal
Our adhesive is formulated to stay soft and flexible, ensuring it moves with your hair naturally. When removal time comes, the V-Light glue comes off cleanly, leaving no residue, for a straightforward and gentle removal experience.

Durable and Resistant
Crafted to withstand high temperatures, oils, and water, this adhesive keeps your hair extensions secure through daily wear and tear. Whether you're active, swimming, or just going about your day, your extensions will remain firmly in place.

Limited Availability
We are thrilled to announce that shipping for the DARK BROWN V-Light resin adhesive will begin the first week of June. Please be aware that supplies are limited, so place your order soon to avoid missing out.

Don't miss this cutting-edge solution for darker hair. Pre-order the DARK BROWN V-Light resin adhesive today and discover the future of durable, seamless hair extensions. Also available in light brown and black to accommodate a diverse range of hair colours.