(PRE-SALE) BLACK V-Light Resin Adhesive - The Revolutionary Hair Extension Solution

Introducing the BLACK V-Light resin adhesive, specifically formulated for those with black hair, this cutting-edge adhesive is a must-have in the hair extension industry. Designed to work seamlessly with the V-light hair extension machine, it ensures a strong and lasting bond.

Perfect for Black Hair Tones
Specially created for black hair, this adhesive blends flawlessly, preserving the natural look and feel of your hair extensions.

Swift Curing Time
Step into the future with our V-Light adhesive that cures incredibly fast, taking just 5-7 seconds. This quick-setting feature facilitates rapid installations, saving valuable time without compromising the quality of your extensions.

Optimal Comfort and No-Residue Removal
This adhesive is designed to remain soft and flexible, mimicking the natural movement of your hair. It ensures comfort throughout its wear and peels off cleanly without leaving any residue, making the removal process simple and gentle.

Highly Durable and Resistant
Resilient against high temperatures, oils, and water, the BLACK V-Light resin adhesive ensures your hair extensions stay securely in place no matter your daily activities. Whether you're engaging in physical activities, swimming, or going through your routine, your extensions will maintain their integrity.

Limited Availability
We are excited to announce that shipping for the BLACK V-Light resin adhesive will begin the first week of June. As supplies are very limited, we encourage you to order soon to ensure availability.

Don’t miss this innovative solution for black hair. Pre-order the BLACK V-Light resin adhesive today and embrace the future of seamless, long-lasting hair extensions. Also available in light brown and dark brown to suit various hair colours.